Club Winners

September 2020

Saturday 26th 18 Hole – 2 Person Ambrose Mens Group Marco Briceno & Jason Hughes; Womens Group Esther and Hannah Rika 

                                                                             Mixed Group Steve and Rachel Wolfaardt   Full Results 

Friday 25th Beer Run – Stableford Yellow 1st Chris Noel; 2nd Gus Gomez ; 3rd Coral Walker  Full Results

Saturday 19th 18 Hole – Par1st Mandy Crow; 2nd Gus Gomez 3rd Dean Atkinson   Full Results 

Friday 18th Beer Run – Stableford Blue 1st Annelies Voorthuis; 2nd Tania Kennedy; 3rd Melissa Muller Full Results

Wednesday 16th Chook Run - Stableford 1st Alex Ellenden; 2nd Chris Noel; 3rd Rachel Wolfaardt

Saturday 12th 18 Hole – Stableford 1st Tay Ellenden; 2nd Ann Campbell 3rd Drew Hamence   Full Results 

Friday 11th Beer Run – Stableford Blue 1st Lynda Coates; 2nd Frank Berman; 3rd Drew Hamence  Full Results

Saturday 5th 18 Hole – Stableford 1st Alex Ellenden; 2nd Ann Campbell 3rd Frank Berman   Full Results 

Friday 4th Beer Run – Stableford Blue 1st Lynda Coates; 2nd Christopher Veal; 3rd Chris Noel (c/b)  Full Results

August 2020

Saturday 29th 18 Hole – 2 Person Ambrose1st Mark & Chloe Gronn; 2nd Mal M & Vic E 3rd Scott Reiffle and Nano Burslem

Friday 28th Beer Run – Stableford Blue 1st Lynda Coates; 2nd Melissa Muller; 3rd David Neenan  Full Results

Saturday 22nd 18 Hole – Stableford 1st Kirin Lynn; 2nd Mark Gronn 3rd Annelies Voorthuis Full Results 

Friday 21st Beer Run – Stableford Blue 1st Lynda Coates; 2nd Chris Noel; 3rd Michelle Williams Full Results

Saturday 15th 18 Hole – Par 1st Coral Walker ; 2nd Donna-Marie Grieve 3rd Marco Briceno  Full Results 

Friday 14th Beer Run – Stableford Yellow 1st Malcolm Muller; 2nd Mandy Crow; 3rd Gus Gomez  Full Results

Saturday 8th 18 Hole – Stableford 1st Mark Gronn ; 2nd Chloe Gronn 3rd Mandy Crow  Full Results 

Friday 7th Beer Run – Stableford Blue 1st Andrew Hamence; 2nd Josh Field; 3rd Jhyle Field  Full Results

Gove Gulf Amateur Open Results

Monday 3rd 18 Hole – Stableford 1st Nano Burslem; 2nd Bruce Shokker 3rd Chritine Wakefield  Full Results 

Sunday 2nd 18 Hole – Stableford 1st Zayden McKinley ; 2nd Hannah Rika 3rd Josh Field Full Results 

Saturday 1st 18 Hole – Stableford - 1st Shane Gould ; 2nd Christopher Veal 3rd Zayden McKinley Full Results 

July 2020

Friday 31st  Beer Run – Stableford Yellow 1st Josh Field; 2nd Dean Atkinson; 3rd Gus Gomez Full Results

Saturday 25th 18 Hole – Stableford - 1st Steve Wolfaardt; 2nd Josh Hutchinson 3rd Josh Field  Full Results 

Friday 24th Beer Run – Stableford Blue 1st Ben Whitlock; 2nd Mark Gronn; 3rd Annelies Voorthuis  Full Results

Saturday 18th 18 Hole – 4BBB - 1st Ben Whitlock & Gus Gomez ; 2nd Chloe & Mark Gronn 3rd Max Griffiths & Zeb Felmington

Friday 17th Beer Run – Stableford Yellow  1st Anne Campbell ; 2nd Kirin Lynn; 3rd Frank Berman Full Results

Saturday 11th 18 Hole – Par - 1st Jesse Fatnowna ; 2nd Ben Whitlock 3rd Vic Epiha Full Results 

Friday 10th Beer Run – Stableford Blue 1st Frank Berman; 2nd Mark Gronn; 3rd David Browne Full Results


Club Championships Men's A Grade Frank Berman; Men's B Grade Zayden McKinley Men's C Grade Mal Muller  Men's D Grade Kirin Lynn

Women's A Grade Katelyn Rika Women's B Grade Annelies Voorthuis

Sunday 4th Club Championships Day 2 18 Hole – Stroke- 1st Frank Berman; 2nd Katelyn Rika; 3rd Wayne Jago Full Results

Saturday 4th Club Championships Day 1 18 Hole – Stroke- 1st Katelyn Rika; 2nd Frank Berman; 3rd Chloe Gronn Full Results

Friday 3rd Beer Run – Stableford Yellow  1st Frank Berman; 2nd Annelies Voorthuis; 3rd Katelyn Rika Full Results


Wednesday 1st  Chook Run - Stableford 1st Mark Gronn; 2nd Frank Berman; 3rd Chris Noel

June 2020

Saturday 27th 18 Hole – 2 Person Ambrose - 1st Gus Gomez & Sean Murphy; 2nd Rachel & Steven Wolfaardt 3rd Donna Marie Grieve & Mitchell Barrett

Friday 26th Beer Run – Stableford Blue  1st Jamie Henderson; 2nd Annelies Voorthuis; 3rd Andy Gould Full Results


Wednesday 24th Chook Run - Stableford 1st Errol Boyd; 2nd Jamie Henderson; 3rd Josh Field

Saturday 20th 18 Hole – Par - 1st Artur Aranui; 2nd Vic Epiha 3rd Hannah Rika Full Results        Prizes

Friday 19th Beer Run – Stableford Yellow 1st Hannah Rika; 2nd Gus Gomez; 3rd Richard Willcocks Full Results

Wednesday 17th Chook Run - Stableford 1st Christopher Veal; 2nd Error Boyd; 3rd Brad Kingston

Saturday 13th 18 Hole – Stableford - 1st Chloe Gronn; 2nd Donna Marie Grieve; 3rd Marco Briceno Full Results


Friday 12th Beer Run – Stableford Blue  1st Sean Murphy; 2nd Brendan Peirpoint; 3rd David (Surf) Sandow  Full Results

Wednesday 10th Chook Run - Stableford 1st Josh Field; 2nd Error Boyd; 3rd Peter Dickman


Anthony Quale Cup 6th & 7th - Overall Winner Chloe Gronn; 2nd Ann Campbell; 3rd Liz Pickett  Results

Day 1: 1st Ken Gentle; 2nd Chloe Gronn; 3rd Pat Laverty  Results

Day 2: 1st Chloe Gronn; 2nd Ann Campbell; 3rd Cameron Hines  Results

Friday 5th Beer Run – Stableford Blue  1st Katelyn Rika; 2nd Chloe Gronn; 3rd Wayne Jago  Full Results

Wednesday 3rd Chook Run – Stableford 1st Bob Apikat 2nd Chloe Gronn (c/b);

May 2020

Saturday 30th 18 Hole – Stableford - 1st Kirin Lynn; 2nd Mal Muller; 3rd Dave Neenan Full Results

Friday 29th Beer Run – Stableford Blue  1st Peter Dickman; 2nd Josh Hutchinson; 3rd Marco Briceno  Full Results

Saturday 23rd 18 Hole – Par- 1st Chloe Gronn; 2nd Josh Hutchinson; 3rd Frank Berman   Full Results

Friday 22nd Beer Run – Stableford Blue - 1st Mak Muller; 2nd David Jakupec; 3rd Andy Gould  Full Results

Saturday 16th  Opening Day Ambrose - Winners: Wayne Jago, Josh Hutchinson, Dean Atkinson, Mark Field Runners Up: Josh Field, Frank Berman, Bojan Budja, Jarrod Ferguson

Friday 15th Beer Run – Stableford Blue - 1st Richard Willcocks; 2nd Josh Field; 3rd Andy Gould  Full Results

Saturday 9th  18 Hole – Stableford - 1st Andrew Gould; 2nd Brendon Sewart; 3rd Mal Muller   Full Results

Friday 8th Beer Run – Stableford Yellow - 1st Frank Berman; 2nd Coral Walker; 3rd Andy Gould  Full Results

March 2020

Saturday 21st  18 Hole – Par- 1st Josh Hutchinson; 2nd David Jakupec; 3rd David Neenan   Full Results

Friday 20th  Beer Run – Stableford Blue - 1st Peter Dickman; 2nd Andrew Hamence; 3rd Frank Berman  Full Results

Saturday 14th 18 Hole – 2 Person Stableford -  1st Errol Boyd & Frank Berman; 2nd Coral Walker & Donna-Marie Grieve; 3rd Andrew Gould & Bob Akapita   

Saturday 14th 18 Hole Single Stableford - 1st Errol Boyd; 2nd Frank Berman;  3rd Coral Walker   Full Results

Friday 13th  Beer Run – Stableford Yellow - 1st Josh Field; 2nd Brad Kington; 3rd Errol Boyd   Full Results

Saturday 7th  18 Hole – Stableford - 1st Troy Pickett; 2nd Mal Muller; 3rd Marco Briceno   Full Results

Friday 6th  Beer Run – Stableford Blue -  1st Peter Dickman; 2nd Wayne Jago; 3rd Chris Noel   Full Results

February 2020

Saturday 29th  18 Hole Canadian Foursome - no results recorded

Friday 28th  Beer Run – Stableford Yellow -  1st Peter Dickman; 2nd Wayne Jago; 3rd Jhyle Field   Full Results

Saturday 22nd  18 Hole – Stableford -  1st Brad Coulta; 2nd Marco Briceno; 3rd Annelies Voorthuis   Full Results

Friday 21st  Beer Run – Stableford Blue -  1st Jhylie Field; 2nd Ben Whitlock; 3rd Hannah Rika   Full Results

Saturday 15th  18 Hole – Par  1st Bruce Schokker; 2nd Max Griffiths; 3rd Katelyn Rika   Full Results

Friday 14th  Beer Run – Stableford Yellow -  1st Dean Atkinson; 2nd Mal Muller; 3rd Brad Kington   Full Results

Saturday 8th  18 Hole Stableford - 1st Wayne Jago; 2nd Ben Whitlock; 3rd Katelyn Rika   Full Results

Friday 7th   Beer Run – Stableford Blue - 1st Wayne Jogo; 2nd Mal Muller; 3rd Josh Hutchinson   Full Results

Saturday 1st  18 Hole Stroke    1st Mark Field; 2nd Max Griffiths; 3rd Andy Gould   Full Results


Friday 19th Beer Run – Stableford Blue  1st Hannah Rika; 2nd Gus Gomez; 3rd Richard Willcocks Full Results

Wednesday 9th Chook Run - Stableford 1st Josh Field; 2nd Error Boyd; 3rd Peter Dickman


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