Useful Information About Our Club

Who do I talk to at the Club about joining or playing golf?

The Club has a number of people to help you join and play golf. Some of these people are; President: Zayden McKinley - Email: Club Captian: Gus Gomez - Email: Bar Staff: Club Manager - Email: (Ph: 08 8987 3191)

How do I hire a Golf Cart?

The club has a limited number of Carts available to both Club members and the public. The best way to book a Cart is to ring the Golf Shop on 08 8987 319. Our friendly staff wil assit you in booking the Cart. Please note that carts need to be booked to ensure that you have access to it when you arrive. Also note, that you must have a valid Drivers Licence to rent a cart. You will be required to complete a booking form when you arrive at the Golf Shop (Bar) prior to taking the cart out. Please treat the cart with respect as any damages will require you to pay for the repair Cart Hire: 9 Holes - $20.00 18 Holes - $30.00 Late and/or Damage Fees maybe imposed

What if I don't have any Clubs with me?

No Problem . . . our Club has a number of sets of clubs for hire to the public. To hire some clubs for your game - please ring Golf Shop on 08 89873191 Club Hire is only $10.00 per game

How do I become a Member?

The best way to be come a member of the Club is to speak with the Bar staff. They will discuss your membership needs and outline the cost, benefits and obligations of becoming a member. The Club Financial year commences on the 1st Feb each year - Club Fees are due at that time. For NEW members the Club offers pro-rata memberships fees for the remaining months of our Financial year. An application form can be obtained from the Golf Club - see our friendly staff See the section Our Club for details on Fees

What do I need to play Competition Golf?

The first step to be able to play Competition Golf is to join a registered Golf Club. After you have joined a Registered Golf Club you will need to get a GolfLink Handicap. You will be able to discuss this process with your Club. For Members of Gove Country Golf Club member wishing to get a GolfLink Handicap - simply play 3 x 18 holes of Golf with another Gove Country Golf Club member - who will verfiy your score and assist with the process of recording and submitting your score. Contact our Club Captian - Gus Gomez (Email: to get advice on the correct process of obtaining your GolfLink Handicap.

What is a GolfLink Handicap?

GolfLink is an international standard for assessing Golfers ability and this is used to provide you with a Handicap which will be used to help you score against another player. In essence - a Handicap allows players of different levels to compete against each other on a 'level playing field'. IE If you are a new player and you have an Handicap of 40 and you are playing against a player who has played for many years and has a Handicap of 5. The Handicap will balance the game - by making it more difficult for the better play to score the same number of points as the newer player. In essence, your larger handicap is subtracted from you score (obviously depending on the game format). IE A golfer with a handicap of 40 gets to 'take off' 40 shots off their final total in a stroke round, whereas a 5 Handicap golfer doesn’t get much help - only 5 shots that can be taken off

Does the Club have Storage facilities?

YES!! You can Hire storage for you clubs and other equipment - just ask the Bar Staff, If you have a Private Golf Cart that needs to be stored at the Club - please talk to the Club President (Zayden McKinley Eml: OR Club Captian (Gus Gomez Eml:

When are Golf Competitions played?

The Club has 3 main competitions that are run each week Chicken Run - each Wednesday afternoon (12 noon onwards) Beer Run - each Friday afternoon (2pm onwards) Saturday (Ball Comp) - a variety of different format games - please check website and/or schedule for the year Each competition has prizes for place getters and often the Saturday Competition will have a range of other prizes.