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Local Rules & Regulations

Local Rules (To be read in conjunction with the roles of Golf)

Out of Bounds

All external roadways bounding the Golf Course, right side of 3rd/ 12th, right side of 4th/ 13th, right side of 6th/15th and left side of 9th/ 18th fairways are defined by white stakes and trees marked with white paint parallel to roadways.  Club house compound, car park and tractor compound.


Lateral water hazards as marked by red stakes after the 1st and 6th, 7th and 9th fairways, Hazards are marked by yellow stakes.

Staked Trees

If a staked tree interferes with the player's stance or swing, a drop of one club length, not nearer the hole, MUST be taken in order to protect the tree.

Buffalo Hoof Prints and Droppings

Through the green a ball laying in a buffalo hoof print may be lifted and dropped within one club length not near the hole.  On greens they are to be treated as GUR if affecting the line of putt.  The ball is to be placed at nearest point of relief not nearer the hole.  Droppings to be treated as GUR.

Paperbark Wasps

Relief can be taken, nearest point to relief no nearer the hole, same cut of grass.

Irrigation Sprinklers

Fairway irrigation or watering equipment is an immovable obstruction, Rule 24 - 2(b) applies.

Roadways, Pathways and Built-up Sides of the Teeing Grounds

Roadways, pathways and brick retaining walls at side of teeing grounds within the course bounds are an integral part of the golf course as per rule 24

Key to Markers - Tees: Blue - Mens front nine, Yellow -Mens back nine, Red - Ladies front nine, Orange - Ladies back nine, White - Chook run.


Please check Notice Board for new and or Temporary Local Rules

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